Rotherham United: Millers will ponder stadium increase

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
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If demand exceeds supply for Rotherham United in The Championship next season then chairman Tony Stewart would look at increasing the size of the New York Stadium.

Built into the design of the 12,000 seater is the ability to take the capacity up to 16,000 - and beyond that should it eventually be required.

“I’d love to put my hand in my pocket and go from what we have now up to 15-16,000,” said the Millers chairman who will head up the club’s promotion celebration parade which starts at 6pm at the ground tonight.

“The test will be the crowd size we’ll be getting this time, what will the demand be.

“We’ll monitor what we’re getting and if we happen to be selling out then we would look at it because we don’t want to restrict anyone by being sold out on a regular basis.

“Let’s hope there is that demand.”

The club could not do anything about increasing the capacity this summer because, logistically, it would not have been possible in a timescale of a couple of months.

But if they wanted to do it next year, it is possible to do it in the close season.

Last season, in League Two, Rotherham had the highest attendance increase of any club in Europe - up 127 per cent. They have averaged over 8,000 this time and expect it to be over 10,000 next season.