Rotherham United: Millers move into Europe

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ROTHERHAM United are expanding their scouting network to take in Europe.

Manager Steve Evans says they need to cover all options and possibilities and has even invited the club’s fans to help in the search for a striker.

“If there’s a young striker out there somewhere, say about 21, who we can get for £250,000 and he’s got re-saleable value then we’ll take him and my invitation going out there is that I’ll listen to all suggestions,” said Evans.

“We continue to scour around but you never, ever know what can be thrown up.”

Evans said they have expanded their player-search network to include Europe.

“We’re putting an infrastructure in place and we’re talking near-Europe - such as France but including Germany. You have to tap into all possibilities.

“We have representatives in Scotland and throughout this country.”

The Millers manager said the money is there for a goalscorer but he said the chairman (Tony Stewart) would not pay that amount (£250,000) for a 30-year-old or, indeed, shell out extravagant wages.

“What I’m doing in putting it out there to our fans is inviting suggestions,” said Evans. “You just never know but someone may come up with a name, somebody we may have overlooked.

“I’d like to think we’ve been pretty thorough as we look around but looking on the Continent broadens our horizons and the possibilities. But it’s not easy as many think.”