Rotherham United: Millers chief says they want the best

Rotherham United chairman Tony Stewart
Rotherham United chairman Tony Stewart
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Millers chairman Tony Stewart has put out the message that his club will compete with the best whichever division they are in - and that would apply in The Championship as well.

“People are talking about Rotherham United now in terms of being an ambitious club, it’s something we have become tagged with and that hasn’t been the case previously,” said Stewart.

“But ambition is not just ‘I want to do this, I want to do that’, ambition is being able to compete with the best and if you can compete with the best, then you are up with the best. That’s the clarity.

“We competed with the best in League Two and now we want to compete with the best in League One and there are some big clubs in there.

“It’s not easy. But we are competing in League One. We are where we are (a play-off spot) because of that.

“I do believe if we play like we have been doing and, as they say, the planets line up in a certain way and we get some mother luck and get in The Championship, then it will be the same again. We will look to compete.”

He said the Millers mantra was “improve, improve, improve” adding: “and if we can improve I welcome that.”

But he said it would be done sensibly and in a business way.

“People ask if we are overstretching ourselves, are we within budget, both ours and those set for us within the game,” he said.

“Well, the answer to the first bit is no and then it’s yes, we are within budget.

“We are not a Rockefeller. But in business you want value for money. I don’t want footballers in my cupboard in the office, I want them out there playing. I don’t like surplus, I like things to work in the system.

Stewart said he and manager Steve Evans - who takes his side to Carlisle tomorrow - work well together.

“I am insatiable. It’s like climbing a ladder; you either get dizzy and fall off or come back down. I’ve never got dizzy in business or football.

“I think we have a good future. There is no complacency and it’s about keeping professional, we’ve got to keep the drive and keep doing exactly what we’re doing, carry on the adventure and who knows what we could be saying at the end of the season.”