Rotherham United: Millers chief says no overspending

Millers chairman Tony Stewart
Millers chairman Tony Stewart
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Rotherham United chairman Tony Stewart insists that the club will not overspend as they seek more success.

The Millers chairman - afforded a standing ovation when he appeared at the Millers Trust Fans Forum - assured the gathering of around 500 in a New York Stadium function room that he and his Board “were sensible people”.

He went on: “We are ambitious but we have seen a lot of clubs overspend and live beyond their means.

“We are not perfect and you have to try and give the manager what he wants. He’ll have a good budget and it is a budget that will last for the season.

“You factor in people will get injured and allow for that.

“But we will live within our means but do so whilst ensuring we have a competitive edge and some longevity.

“The Board here are sensible people. Paul Douglas (the Chief Operating Officer) keeps his hand on the tiller and we’ve a financial director who has got a ball and chain on us.

“What we expect from our output is value for money and the manager knows that.”

He was asked if the club still harboured ambitions of getting to The Championship.

“Our first task was talking about getting into League One and then, once you’re there, you have to start talking about getting into The Championship,” he said. “It’s about seeking to progress. If you get into The Championship then you look up at the Premier League. If you’re climbing a mountain then you don’t get halfway up, say what a lovely view it is and then start going back down.”

Chief Operating Officer Paul Douglas said there will be salary (cap) protocols in League One next season.

“It’s no more than 60 per cent of turnover on wages and we’re sure to be inside it.

“This operated in League Two and was a great rule (by the Football League) and I think a 60 per cent salary cap is a sensible outer limit for spending on players.”

Douglas also said the club would be holding an Open Day later this summer.

Manager Steve Evans said he’d let goalkeeper Andy Warrington go and they were unable to find a role for him but he added: “If I was ever to be without a goalkeeping coach then Andy would be the one I’d want to replace him.”

He said he never doubted that they would get promotion.

The forum got confirmation that the club has a sell-on clause if Reading sell former star Adam Le Fondre.