Rotherham United: Millers boss lays down his team blueprint

Rotherham United celebrate in Wembley dressing room
Rotherham United celebrate in Wembley dressing room
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Millers manager Steve Evans has outlined the sort of players he wants and what will be required of them as Rotherham United look ahead to the challenge of The Championship.

He also suggested that whoever signs, they will have to fit in with the team ethos and work ethic.

“No one will be coming here just for a payday or a final swansong,” said the Rotherham United manager who signed a new, three year contract three days after celebrating his side’s victory in the League One Play-off Final against Leyton Orient.

“We want a young, hungry vibrant team who will embrace all that we’re about and will relish the big challenge ahead,” said Evans.

“We hope we are targeting the right types of players but I think we will be looking for some who are more experienced, say, in their early 30s to give that balance.

“But they need to have been playing and with a demonstrable track record of playing recently - we won’t be signing someone who has been hiding away in the reserves somewhere for the past couple of years and thinks they can pop up here to see what they can do.

“There are some real strong characters in our dressing room and the minimum they want is someone coming in and giving everything they’ve got just like they have done.

“If they’re not willing to do that once they’re here then, any lack of effort, desire, workrate, the wrong attitude, then I’ll do what I’ve done previously, get the hatchet out and deal with it. The chairman gives me his blessing on that one.”

Evans said the characteristics of the club will remain the same... “the qualities of this group are ingrained in the club’s DNA,” he said.

“We’ve no big-time Charlies among the players or the staff. They’re all down to earth and they work hard and that’s the only way we can go forward. They haven’t worked hard to get where they have to throw it all away for lack of effort. And I believe we have a nucleus that will do well at that next level.”

He added: “We know it will be tough and we’ll go away to some big clubs and, if their top players click, we’ll go back with our tails down.

“But we will have to earn respect and we aim to do that over time.

“It’s so exciting though. It’s like going on a first date - you’re excited and you’re a bit nervous but you put your best gear on and you’re going to do the most you can to make an impression.”

Evans said that when always he believed he could take the club into The Championship in two seasons.

“I think I can manage in The Championship but I have to prove it and I’ll relish aiming to prove that.”