Rotherham United: Half-time talk had desired effect

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What faced Steve Evans as he walked down the tunnel at half-time on Sunday was the season’s biggest team talk.

At 2-0 down to Leyton Orient, the promotion dream was fading. Something needed to happen.

The Rotherham United manager’s staff were in his ear on the way back to the dressing room... “they need you more than ever today,” said one.

There was no ranting and raving. He was surprisingly calm. What Evans had to say got into hearts and minds.

“I knew we had it in us to come back but there was also the danger that Orient might get a third and, if that happened, we could have been embarrassed on our big day,” said Evans.

“I just spoke to them about what it meant to them; to their families, their children, their mums and dads; about how it would feel looking back on this day when they were grandads and what would they be saying about it.

“I spoke to them, in general terms, as a collective, but reminded one or two individuals that, basically, it wasn’t good enough.”

It had the desired effect!