ROTHERHAM UNITED: Evans pledges to put goals into Odejayi

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No one would describe Rotherham United’s new striker Kayode Odejayi as a prolific goalscorer.

A glance through his playing record would note that he isn’t the 25 goals-a-season man that clubs crave.

But, as Millers manager Steve Evans points out, if he was someone who was a 20 to 25 a season man then, he wouldn’t be at Rotherham United next season.

“It stands to reason,” says Evans, “that with all the other things Kayode brings to the team, if he had lots of goals in him as well, then he’d be up in The Championship and at the top of it.”

Even so, Evans is confident that he can get Odejayi’s goal output increased.

“In fact, I’m confident he’ll score some goals with us,” said Evans.

The rangy striker, who was born in Nigeria, didn’t actually score after the end of October for Colchester United having netted five times beforehand.

Despite this, he was still named the club’s Player of the Year.

“I think that tells you something,” says Evans. “He doesn’t get a goal for six months yet he is the Player of the Year.

“That’s because of everything else he brings to the team and I know what that is. I saw it last season because I watched him a few times.

“On each occasion he was never less than a real handful for the opposition and I’d go as far as to say he was outstanding.

“He was powerful, quick, good in the air and he worked hard.

“When he comes to Rotherham United he’ll have all those attributes but I reckon we can get him in the box more.

“I am confident that he is going to get his share of goals and without losing what are his strengths.

“I signed Tyrone Barnett at Crawley from Macclesfield and people said he wouldn’t score enough goals. Well, he did and he moved on for more than £1 million.

“I think Kayode will respond to what we are trying to do.”

Evans said he had spoken to other managers and they reckoned he would be a fantastic signing, he’d caused their teams problems.”

Evans also said that he had inquired about Odejayi when he was manager at Crawley but had simply not been entertained by Colchester.

John Ward, manager of the League One club, said they had offered the 30-year-old a new two year contract but he had turned it down.

“We were disappointed to lose him but having family in that part of the country helped him when Rotherham came calling,” said Ward.

The signing of Odejayi and fellow striker, Daniel Nardiello, are to be followed by others very soon.