ROTHERHAM UNITED: Evans keen to meet the fans

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STEVE Evans has asked for a fans’ forum to be set up as soon as possible so that he can meet and speak with Millers followers.

The new Rotherham United manager says he wants to forge a relationship quickly with the supporters - “these are the people who matter,” he said.

It is likely to happen as soon as next week, and he sees their backing in the new ground as a critical aspect of future success.

Evans, who was at the New York Stadium for a news item to be aired on Sky TV tonight, specifically climbed to the back of the ‘home’ end.

“I wanted to see what it was like from up there, at the top, right behind the goal, and thought about what it will be like with this end bouncing when we score,” he said.

“Fans will have their views on me but, whatever they are, I feel it is important to integrate them as part of our family here at the New York Stadium.

“It’s why I want them to get to know me and me to know them.”

Yesterday, a group of some 15 fans at the training ground were invited inside to watch the players work out. Evans spoke to the squad within a matter of yards of them.

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