Milllers: Rotherham United FA complaint over alleged stamp on keeper

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ROTHERHAM United manager Ronnie Moore is demanding strong action to be taken against Gillingham’s Curtis Weston following the midfielder’s “horrific stamp” on Andy Warrington.

Moore has confirmed the Millers have filed a report to the Football Association (FA) to voice their concerns over the incident.

Warrington was forced off after half an hour of the club’s 3-1 defeat at Gillingham in midweek after Weston caught the goalkeeper, who had already gathered the ball in his chest, with his boot. It meant Sheffield-born Warrington, who had three big cuts on his face, had to have 10 stitches in the head wound.

He could not train on Thursday and is a major doubt to start at Oxford today, with Jamie Annerson on standby.

“It is like Andy has been in a car crash and not a football game,” Moore told The Star. “It was a horrific stamp on his head. They keep telling me it wasn’t deliberate but when a goalkeeper has got the ball in his hands and you tackle his head something is not quite right, is it?

“If it was a 50/50 tackle, I would stand up for everybody but when it is in the goalkeeper’s hands you cannot hit him on the head.

“I’m going to go as high as I can and let everyone know that we are not happy with the situation.

“I don’t see why we should be treated any differently to the Premier League boys if we think there is something not quite right.

“If he (Weston) had done that on a Saturday night he would have been locked up.”

Paul Douglas, Rotherham United’s chief executive, said the club hope to get a reply from the FA next week.

He said: “We are asking for clarification from the FA and the referee’s department on how this escaped a red card.

“Having had the opportunity to review it on video, it was clearly a reckless tackle. There was no way the player was going to win the ball and there was little regard for Andy’s safety when he went in for the challenge.

“It should have warranted a red card. It was purely luck more than anything that Andy wasn’t seriously injured.

Gills boss Andy Hessenthaler has leapt to the defence of Weston, saying: “I work with him every day and I know it was a genuine mistake. Curtis apologised to their goalkeeper and so did I. We have all mistimed challenges.”