How Rotherham United boss Paul Warne gets that “Bono” feeling

Bono of U2
Bono of U2

Rotherham manager Paul Warne has revealed his stressful job on match-days leave him feeling like a rock star.

Warne has never enjoyed watching his team play throughout his whole two years in the job, which has brought both good times and bad.

Paul Warne. Picture Bruce Rollinson

Paul Warne. Picture Bruce Rollinson

He puts that down to the desire to do so well for the club he loves, but some of that fear factor must have been ingrained in the early part of his managerial spell when his side were whipping boys in the Championship.

Although a reluctant manager at the start, Warne has really grown into the role and enjoys the Monday to Friday process.

But even now, in as strong a position as any manager could be, he still struggles with Saturday afternoons.

“In fairness last year I dreaded matchdays and this year I dread matchdays,” he told the Star.

“When I say dread it's like the nervous anticipation really, in the same way if you're Bono for U2 through the week you're chilling and then Saturday night you have got to perform in front of 100,000 people, he must still get those butterflies.

“A manager of a football team you suffer from that the most.”

Warne is not alone in feeling like that as he revealed that most opposition managers that he has shared a post-match beer with this season have admitted to harbouring similar feelings.

“Nearly every manager I have spoken to this season I always ask them if they enjoy this and they always say matchdays are tough and they are tough,” Warne added.

“I swear that every matchday takes a week off my life so that's two years I have taken off my life. 

“That doesn't mean I'm not confident in my team doing well, it's just the fear of the unknown and I so want the lads to do well for the club that it adds to the pressure.”

Warne's stress level is likely to be through the roof on Saturday as his side welcome high-flying Sheffield United to the AESSEAL New York Stadium.

The Millers won the only previous meeting between the two sides at their new home, a League One encounter in September 2013.