How a morning stroll got Alf going again!

Clever: Adam Le Fondre
Clever: Adam Le Fondre
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A SATURDAY morning stroll and a chat has been revealed as the reason behind a revitalised performance from Rotherham United top scorer Adam Le Fondre.

The out-of-form striker, on the bench in five of the six previous matches, marked his return to the side with two goals at Aldershot on Saturday and also with an altogether much improved performance, arguably his best this year.

“We went for a walk in the morning and I told him that it was a clean slate for him, a blank piece of paper,” said Millers manager Andy Scott.

“I said that whatever people said about him, whatever was said to him, whatever had been done to him, I don’t care - this is a fresh sheet of paper to look at him.

“I said to him. with regards to the game that afternoon, that I would guarantee that if he worked hard for an hour and do what we’re asking him to do then he could come off if he couldn’t do any more. I’d be happy with that. If it was 75 minutes, then even better.

“I said if you work your socks off, make the runs I’m asking you to make, then we’ll find you, get you on the ball and you’ll have chances.

“Well, it happened and we saw the outcome. I’m not lying to players, I’m telling them the truth and the aim is getting them to do what I want them to do.

“Alf has shown he can do it and I’m delighted by the fact he has shown he can do it.

The double took Le Fondre’s tally for the season to 24 of which just seven have come in the second half of the season.

“He’s someone I don’t know how to crack, to work out, and that’s going to take time as it is with every player - to work out what does get them going, what doesn’t get them going,” added the Rotherham manager.

“I just asked him for what I felt he could be and asked the question and whether he could provide answers, to do those things being asked.

“Well, he was fantastic and he didn’t just work hard hard, he was clever with it. His movement was clever and League Two defenders struggle when faced with what he was doing and that sort of movement.

“He got his rewards and we got more chances because he was working for the team as much as anyone else. In fact, all 11 worked hard for each other and that’s what good teams do.”

Rotherham’s final game is at home to Torquay who are bidding for a play-off place.