Historic New York first is just the ticket for Millers follower Dave

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THE Millers fan who bagged the historic first season ticket for the New York Stadium says he “can’t wait” to go to games there.

Dave Brooksbank, from Clifton, a fan for 52 years and a season-ticket-holder for the past 20, shelled out for a ticket for himself and wife Elaine when they went on sale.

“I’ve been telling my kids that it is quite a historic moment to be the person getting the first ticket for the new stadium,” said Dave.

He selected two seats in the new main Pukka Pie West Stand, luxury for the man who first went to Millmoor when he was five and remembers sitting on the ledge at the back of the Tivoli End. “I can’t wait to get to the new ground and it really looks well - I had a Wednesday fan come to me who’d been past it and he really was impressed.”

Dave, 57, says he is “thrilled” with the choice of name for the 12,000-seater, £20 million ground.

“I originally come from Masbrough so I know about the New York area where the ground is and I’m absolutely thrilled with the name,” he said.

“I was worried when there was talk about calling it The Foundry because I’m an inspection engineer and I work in a foundry all week.

“So I didn’t want to go watching my football in something with the same name,” he chuckled.”

The club is putting on pre-booked presentations (at Rotherham Council’s new Riverside House) for season-ticket-holders to see plans of the stands at the stadium and to choose their seats.

Opposite the Main Stand will be the Ben Bennett Family Stand whilst the ‘home’ end is to be the North Stand which backs more-or-less in the direction of the town centre.