Dom Howson talks sport with Danny Harrison

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Danny Harrison, aged 29, plays in central midfield for Rotherham United. He joined the Millers in May 2007 from Tranmere Rovers.

What have you been doing today?

A spinning class in one of the gyms in Rotherham.

Who is your inspiration and why?

Paul Ince was my hero growing up. I used to watch him all the time. He was one of my favourite players. He went to Italy and did great there and not too many English players can say that.

Which sports star did you admire when you were growing up?

I’d have to say Paul Ince again. I liked the way he played. He had a bit of everything.

What’s your favourite other sport?

Boxing. I like to watch all the big fights and all the hype surrounding them, the build-up and opinions on how fights are going to go and the way they train.

Who is the most famous person in your phone?

Probably (retired) Jason McAteer. I was at Tranmere Rovers with Jason. I’m still in contact with him now. We used to travel in together when we were at Tranmere so we are good friends.

When was the last time you cried?

Four years ago at the birth of my little girl, Evie. For some reason, I didn’t cry at the birth of my boy Charlie!

Who or what are you most proud of?

I’m very proud of my family. They mean everything to me. That’s the reason I get up in the morning to go and try do well for them every day.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

My youth team coach at Rovers, John McMahon, who is now the first-team coach there, told me to always work hard. It is quite relevant to me with the way I play.

When did you know you were good at what you do?

I knew around the age of 11 or 12 at junior school but it was at the end of senior school when I started to believe I could become a footballer.

What one item do you take with you wherever you go?

I would have to say my wedding ring or my wife would kill me! It stays on at all times.

What is the most nervous you’ve ever been?

My driving test. There was loads of pressure from my friends to be one of the first ones to drive in our group. I passed first time which made it even better. Walking out at Wembley for the League Two Play-off final in 2010 was quite nerve wracking too.

Do you ever doubt yourself?

I try not to. I try to be quite positive about everything. I like to go about things in the right way all the time.

What is your view on Twitter and Facebook?

I don’t get involved in them at all. There is a Danny Harrison on Twitter but it’s not me.

How do you relax away from sport ?

Spending time with my family. Nothing major. I am forever running my little girl around. She’s been camping recently and the four of us go swimming a lot.

Where was your last holiday - and would you go again?

We went to Turkey and we would go back. It was one of those holidays where the kids were all catered for and they had plenty of activities to get on with. It’s nice to have a break for an hour or so!

Do you cook? If so what’s your favourite - if not who provides that favourite meal?

I do most of the cooking in our house. I cook a mean fillet steak.

What was the last book you read?

The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne. It is one of these positive thinking books. I got recommended it by a friend, who said try it out. It was quite interesting. I enjoyed it.

If you weren’t doing what you do, what would you do?

I am in the process of doing a degree because I fancy being a teacher after football. I might go into that field of work. It would have to be physical education. I am in the second year of that and I’ve got a couple of years left.

Favourite TV programme

I enjoyed Sherlock. I thought the actor who played Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch ) was excellent.