Rotherham United FC: Millers manager Paul Warne not sure he has the fight left to endure another relegation battle

Rotherham boss Paul Warne says he does not know whether he has the fight to endure another relegation battle.

The Millers are beginning life back in the Championship and are aiming to snap a run of three successive relegations from this division.

The world got an insight into the mental anguish Warne endures as Millers boss during the BBC podcast ‘Moment of Truth’, which showed him dealing with the emotions of winning and losing.

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His side are naturally going to be doing more losing than winning this season and Warne is unsure how that will sit with him.

When asked by the Star whether he had the energy for another relegation fight, he answered with remarkable honesty.

“I don’t know, that is the honest truth,” he said.

“The go-to manager answer is, ‘Oh 100 per cent’. But I don’t know. I don’t know tomorrow how I am going to wake up and feel, but who does?

“I have had some pretty horrendous personal news over the past week which makes you look at life differently. That is my honest truth.

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“I think, and it’s been like this since day one of being manager of this football club, whilst I have got the respect of the dressing room and the majority of the fanbase I will always give it everything.

“If I feel like that goes I am no different to anyone else. No one wants to walk in front of a crowd that doesn’t support him or stand in front of a dressing room that doesn’t believe in him.

“I have never had that problem, I have given it everything I have got to stay up twice, it is not like I didn’t try.

“As I sit here now, I feel right up for the fight, but I am hoping it is not a fight, I am hoping it’s the final day of the Tour de France where you can just pedal freely.

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“I am aware of how difficult it will be. But I still do the lottery twice a week, I could win and be travelling the world.”

The Millers did not play at the weekend after their match at Coventry was called off. They return to action in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday with a trip to Port Vale.