Rams owners unfazed by fan protests

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DERBY have responded to more protests against the club’s owners by insisting they will stick to their long-term plan.

In a repeat of the scenes that followed the last home game against Ipswich, Rams fans stayed behind after the defeat to Leicester on Saturday and chanted ‘sack the board’.

Supporters are angry because they feel the owners should be investing more in the squad, but the club have responded by saying they believe their strategy gives Derby the “best chance of a stable and successful future”.

“We acknowledge the frustration and anger of some of the supporters,” said a club spokesman. “We understand they want to see the team and the club performing better. We know they are expressing these frustrations because they care passionately about Derby County.

“The best way to make everybody feel better is to win more matches. The supporters want to see a winning team and it is our job to give them one. We have a clear plan how we are going to run the club, we believe in this plan and we are sticking to it.

“We believe this plan gives Derby County the best chance of a stable and successful future even if we are currently experiencing some short-term pain. The ownership group remains committed to this club and will not deviate from the strategy which has put this club on a sound financial footing for the first time in decades.”

Meanwhile, east midlands rivals Nottingham Forest are are in the hunt for new signings due to Radoslaw Majewski’s impending three-match suspension, according to manager Billy Davies.

“I have never had a lack of faith in this squad,” he said. “What I am saying is that it is about fatigue and a lack of depth. What I have been saying is now coming true.

“Radi is now going to be out for three games, which is a massive blow. How many central midfield players have we got now? We have two left.”

Northampton boss Ian Sampson has confirmed the club have appealed against the sending-off of Abdul Osman in Saturday’s draw with Port Vale.