PAUL FOOT: Our battling mentality has to return

It has crossed my mind in recent weeks that we may need big changes to our squad.

But it comes down to the fact that you still have to find more players to replace the ones that leave.

I don’t think we have been helped this season by the fact that we have not been able to field a settled team due to injuries, suspensions and players leaving for one reason or another.

So there has been a fair bit of chopping and changing already, it is whether more of this would help us.

As a full team we are underachieving, it is up to Bryan (Hughes) and me to make sure that stops and we haul it back in track.

We have spoken to targets and we will continue to do that because we need more passion to get us back up the table.

Ryan Qualter may have been at the club on loan in recent months, but he had that fire in his belly, he wanted to play for us and give his all.

Joel Dixon, before he left, was the same. You could see what it meant to him when we won games.

Matty Bloor came in Saturday and showed it as well. When the melee kicked off at Farsley, he was at the front fighting our corner.

A lot of players have rolled over though, which is something we can’t afford to do.

More players need to buy into this battling mentality because a five-game unbeaten run does not make a season.

It is a tough league, but I’m not somebody who is going to lie down and write off a season, we still have plenty to play for as a club.

You have to look at the positives.

The fans have been a massive positive for us this season and we need to keep them onside.

They want to see a bit of passion and a bit of fight, that is what keeps them going and cheering.

When players roll over and give up it annoys our supporters, just as much as it does us on the bench. We have to make sure it stops.