Owls get bigger as Blades smile

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Owls and Blades fans have quickly realised this season could be one of success for both their teams.

Malcat on thestar.co.uk is delighted to be in League One. He wrote: “I like this division one thing, it means we score more goals than our opponents.”

Staboblade on The Crossed Blades forum thinks it may get a bit messy: “These lge 1 teams will scrap to beat us, it’s their game of the season, so we have to accept that sometimes we won’t be pretty. At home we should be able to dominate with a bit of flair.”

Plenty of transfer activity at Hillsborough led to Artful D on thestar.co.uk thinking Wednesday have got one over their rivals from across the city: “Compared to Chris Porter (who??) O’ Grady is a reasonable signing. Not the big names we would like but can’t see either club fighting over Michael Owen’s signature in the near future. I suppose time will tell if either are much cop.”

That man Malcat was like lightning in his response: “Eyup Artful, it wasn’t you on TV rioting was it? my wife’s waiting for it to spread to Sheffield so she can break into Cole Brothers to nick some curtains, although knowing her, she won’t see any that she likes.”

Over on OwlsTalk BoomTownOwls was revelling in the height of the team that Gary Megson is building: Tallest team in the league? With O’Grady in for Morrison, we are the tallest team I have ever seen. Even JJ is over 6 foot when he comes back. Seriously!”

Finally on Twitter @jonesthescribe summed up the happy mood across the city: “My new season optimism has already lasted longer than it did last year, let’s see if I can go for the record (3 weeks ish) #sufc #utb”

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