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Carlos Carvalhal
Carlos Carvalhal
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At The Star, we are committed to being the trusted news source for South Yorkshire sport and, in particular, the football clubs on our patch.

This involves using trusted sources, established over many months and years, that we know can be relied upon to give us the correct steer on the latest news.

The news Carlos Carvalhal has agreed a new deal with Sheffield Wednesday flies in the face of speculation he was to leave the club this summer.

Last week, at the height of preparations for arguably the biggest game in the last 17 years for the club, reports emerged that Carvalhal would departing at the end of the season, regardless of whether or not promotion was secured.

The reports also went on to suggest former Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew would be the man to replace the Portuguese.

From the very start, there were major doubts over the Pardew story, which is why we chose - barring a reference in a comment piece - to ignore it from the start.

It contradicted information which our Sheffield Wednesday writer had been given by chairman Dejphon Chansiri a few weeks earlier. And there was nothing from our sources to suggest there had been a change of heart during the time in between.

This is an example of how we operate to ensure there is strength in the stories we report to our readers.

We will get things wrong. It is an inevitability. You can probably think of a few times when that was the case, or you'll no doubt be quick to let us know when it happens in the future.

But you can be assured that we will always attempt to give you the real story behind any speculation.

Hopefully you will trust us like Chansiri trusts Carlos.