OPINION: '˜Spireites back in the mire'

Things change quickly in football, writes Spireites fan columnist Roland Gent.

Monday, 5th February 2018, 12:30 pm
Updated Monday, 5th February 2018, 1:06 pm
Dave Allan, Ashley Carson

About three weeks ago most of us were confident we’d be staying up after beating Luton and Yeovil. There was also the hope that the mystery Chinese buyers would be able to ring up the bank and sort out a non-refundable deposit, and the good ship Chesterfield FC would be sailing for calmer waters.

Now, after two awful performances against Stevenage and Crawley, we are truly back in the mire.

Off the field things are getting increasingly bizarre as fans are left scratching their heads wondering what has gone on.

Chesterfield v Crawley, Louis Reed

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Ashley Carson communicated on the radio that the Chinese bid to buy the club was over.

Many are questioning if it ever really existed in the first place.

If the bid is over and actually was real, then it would be nice if the club were to tell us who these Oriental business people were and why they pulled out?

Maybe they actually wanted to take over a club that would definitely still be in the league come May?

Chesterfield v Crawley, Louis Reed

Earlier on in the season we had news of a Swedish consortium, which was interested in buying the club, however, we were told they did not match the club’s asking price and the club told us that consortium bids did not work. If so, it’s strange that a Chinese group were being entertained in the first place.

But good news is on the horizon as there is a new potential mystery investor who might buy the club, according to Mr Carson.

This news, if it’s true, is being communicated on the fans forum message board by a fan who seemingly knows Ashley Carson.

There’s been nothing on the club’s official website to communicate this to us humble fan base, which seems bizarre as Chesterfield FC does have a media department which you would expect to convey these important goings on.

What price would Chesterfield FC be valued at if we exit the league?

Still the good news is that Lionel Richie is going to play a concert, which looks like great business, if it goes the way of the Elton John show, it will be of financial benefit to the hospitality side of the club.

I hate to suggest it, but a future pub quiz question might be: “Who was the last person to play at Chesterfield FC when they were a league team?” Answer: “Lionel Richie”.