OPINION: '˜Sacking Gary Caldwell just does not make sense'

I would like someone to explain the business case '“ and the logic '“ in what has happened in the last few months at Chesterfield FC.

Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 10:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 11:46 am
Gary Caldwell

What I see from the outside is that, having been relegated, the Board consciously (and sensibly) drew a line under last season by giving the recently appointed manager sufficient funds and leeway to get rid of almost the entire team that took them down and to employ a new team (in fact more than a new team).

So far so good, as was the decision also to dispense with the services of the Chief Executive and some other staff in order to allow the new manager to bring in his own people and build the management in his own way.

Presumably the 15 or so players he has brought in also come into the category of people he chose to employ, in order to play a certain way that he felt would allow the club to be challenging for promotion by the end of the season.

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What, then, is the logic in getting rid of the manager after a few games? A season is 46 games long, so we’re only a short way into it.

Therefore all the money, staff movement, coaching in a certain way of playing, bedding in of new players and new methods, assimilation of ideas and trying them out with these particular players, building team spirit and working on individual and team performance has now gone out of the window.

No doubt a new manager will come in, decide he wants to play a different way, get rid of some of the new players (who would undoubtedly have performed for the manager who bought them, in the style he wanted them to, once they had become comfortable with the style of play and their new colleagues).

A new manager will put the development back by another few months while he starts from scratch again.

Teams need time to gel and to settle (even the mighty Mourinho discovered this last season, so why are we so different)? This short termism is pathetic and not the way to build a club for the future.

My feeling is that the board have caved in to supporter panic and, had they kept their nerve, would have ended up with a better 46-game set of results than they are going to get now.

Shame on your weakness and lack of business acumen.