WATCH: FC United of Manchester player nicks ball off team-mate for penalty against Sheffield's Handsworth Parramore - and won't give it back!

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Football is a competitive business - even between team mates.

So when the chance of a penalty shot comes your way, and your pal has the ball in his grasp to take it, a bit of sleight of hand is needed.

Our video shows FC United of Manchester player Steve Irwin being awarded a penalty after an incident in the first half today against Handsworth Parramore, at the King Of Soho Stadium in Worksop.

Jason Gilchrist took hold of the ball as the nominated penalty shot expert.

But Irwin nipped in when he bounced the ball, grabbed it, wouldn't give it back...and took the penalty himself.

Gilchrist looked happy - but in fairness was among the group to congratulate him when he converted it successfully.

Action from today's 1-1 tie

Action from today's 1-1 tie

The Sheffield team had their problems too - Steve Istead falling out with Joe Thornton over Thornton's positioning at a corner.

it was all together a passionate FA Cup second round qualifying round tie - which ended in a diplomatic 1-1 tie after Pat Lindley had scored in the 89th minute.

The teams replay on Tuesday.