Sheffield FC, the world’s oldest club, plots £6m crowd-fund appeal

Sheffield FC - today's side
Sheffield FC - today's side
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Sheffield FC will be asking the Premier League and football clubs all over the world to help them finance a £6m stadium in the city’s Olive Grove area.

Yesterday, chairman Richard Tims floated the long-held notion of the world’s first club leaving their Dronfield ground and heading back to the city.

Richard Tims spreads the message via skype

Richard Tims spreads the message via skype

Starting from scratch, he is looking to “crowd fund” part of the costs, by asking clubs to donate the amount representing the year they were founded - last night Borussia Dortmund were expected to be the first team to throw in £1,909 to match their birth date.

Tims has written to Richard Scudamore Chief Executive of the Premier League, but is yet to receive a reply.

Sheffield have given themselves a 60-day window to raise £150,000 “seed capital” to finance initial planning.

Tims said: “We have now taken a five-year lease on Olive Grove and I’d like to think we would have a base there by 2017-18, at the earliest.

“The minimum requirement would be £2m, but my ambition is for a £5-6m project involving a visitor centre and recreation facilities. We need this campaign to go viral.”

Tims said 10 German clubs were on board with the project.

He was also talking to Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United.

It would appear Sheffield will have to sell their Dronfield ground - and the popular Coach and Horses pub - to help the financing.

“Football can be a selfish and self-centred business, where clubs look after number one.

“But we are hoping they will be attracted to this cause.”