FOOTBALL: World’s oldest club in rumpus

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Sheffield FC have kicked off their season with a deluge of goals...yet they came amid an unseemly cloud of controversy.

The world’s oldest club, which won 6-2 on Saturday, has clipped the wings of firebrand new manager Curtis Woodhouse, the former Sheffield United midfielder and keen Blades fan.

In an unreleated episode, Woodhouse had suspended the non-league’s club’s top scorer...before the campaign even kicked off!

Bosses at Dronfield-based Sheffield FC had been unsettled by anti-Wednesday banter involving Woodhouse, on Twitter, in The Star and elsewhere.

Woodhouse has never made any secret of his antipathy towards the Owls and Wednesday fans have given him a torrid time on the internet. He has frequently reacted against abuse. That’s not gone down well at a club where the chairman, secretary and two directors are Owls supporters.

Club issued an unexpected statement saying that Sheffield had “throughout its history, tried to remain a constant in the football world, bringing order to chaos...and promoting Integrity, Respect and Community.

“We have a healthy relationship with both professional neighbours and enjoy support of fans from both clubs. It therefore should act as a ‘neutral’ conduit between the blue and white, and red and white sides of the city giving fans a common ground on which to healthily debate their love of the game. We apologises for any offence recent statements may have caused.”

Woodhouse placed last season’s top scorer Andy Gascoigne on the transfer list. The Star understands ‘Gazza’ was suspended for four games after twice failing to turn up for training, and walking off during a practice match. Woodhouse said the player had been “put on the transfer list with a view to moving him on.”