Fans are rallying around club now Toyne has left: claim

Steve Toyne : under fire
Steve Toyne : under fire
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Manager Steve Toyne’s recent comments in The Star about his reign at Dinnington Town have created a stir.

Toyne was critical of a minority of people in the area and effectively closed down the club before leaving for Hallam.

A new Dinnington club has now been formed.

The veteran non-league football figure was at pains to point out there had been several people who had been happy to help him. But the vandalism at the club - and the fact he was from Sheffield - made it a sometimes uncomfortable time there, he says.

However in a letter to The Star, Tim Wells, from Anston, said there was “another side to this story.”

Wells wrote: “Dinnington does have a minority of people that create disruption. We found that out when I was a volunteer with the local regeneration trust and thousands of pounds of cinema equipment was stolen, it is par for the course in any community.

“Steve did work hard at Dinnington, however the fact is that he left out the Dinnington public, as I understand only the goalkeeper was a local lad.

“Steve also repeatedly said that the people of Dinnington wouldn’t help out with the club, however he ignored my Dad’s appeals to help out on a number of occasions and even my own. I suspect we weren’t the only ones to be ignored.

“Hopefully Dinnington Town can now rise above the ashes like a Phoenix and create a local side that uses a core element of local people, but also brings in talent from further afield.

“Dinnington Town FC were lucky to get 50 to attend matches at the end of Steve’s reign, however in recent friendlies there were 250 in attendance for some matches. Dinnington Town could get into the conference if the local people get behind the club, Alfreton Town would be a good club to copy. 1,000 attended a FA Cup match a number of years ago.

“It will cost a couple of quid to get into the match on Saturday, so come along and support Dinnington Town FC march on to the top.”