New ban plan at local level

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FROM next season, suspensions incurred on all non-league footballers right down to the grass roots, will be on a match-by-match basis as operated in the Premier and Football Leagues and senior non-league.

The FA is introducing match-based suspensions for players in all senior 11-a-side football, ie in Saturday and Sunday Leagues, Midweek Leagues and Veterans football. All discipline in Youth football and the small-sided game will remain time based.

Suspensions until this change have been in days, ie 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 35 days etc. Now, bans will be for a number of matches. Suspensions incurred in Saturday football will not impinge on Sunday League football and vice versa.

The FA hope it will improve the consistency of sanctions across the country and ensure suspensions imposed on players are fair and in proportion to the offence charged with.

An FA Discipline Handbook has been produced to assist club secretaries with its implementation and understanding how it will operate.