Millwall fans: beware the sound of the sledgehammer

Norman the foreman
Norman the foreman
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My first column, last week, certainly made me some friends.

You could count them on the fingers of one finger.

And I made about 30,000 enemies, most of them Leeds United fans.

I’ve never liked Leeds United, you will have got that drift if you’d seen my first column.

And it gave me a little warm glow inside when they squandered a 2-0 lead to lose at home to Watford last Saturday.

But my ramblings here are only a bit of fun.

As opposed to what happened in God’s green acre, South Yorkshire, on the same Saturday.

You’ll have seen some of the Millwall fans, on the telly or Youtube, trying to vent their spleen at Rotherham United’s ground.

Blokes young and old wanting to batter home supporters, presumably because they were in the process of losing.

You’d think Millwall fans would be used to that - they’ve done it 18 times already this season.

What a charmless bunch some of ‘em are. They are a minority, but what a vile one.

How brave do you have to be to threaten kids, stewards and smash the windscreen of a car housing a disabled home supporter?

No arrests were made at the New York stadium.

But I’d like to think, as you sit reading my rant, the sound a sledgehammer will be heard in parts of Tower Hamlets.

That’ll be the calling card of the Old Bill, hopefully.

As for Millwall manager Ian Holloway - he must have heard his own fans chant for his head at the same game.

If I was him, I’d be on my toes and away from there quicker than you could say ‘relegation.’