Martin Smith column: Magic moments...for some

GOAL....Owls Caolan Lavery goal celebration
GOAL....Owls Caolan Lavery goal celebration
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Two in a minute to win it?

There’s no finer feeling in football. Or worse one.

Whether it’s in the Nou Camp, New York Stadium or Concord Park on a Sunday morning the high and the low is like no other. On Saturday it went Sheffield Wednesday’s way and Rotherham were left achingly snatching a 2-3 defeat from the jaws of victory.

As Owls boss Stuart Gray said: “People will be talking about that last five minutes for years and years.” Not in Rotherham they won’t.

But you can bet your life Wednesdayites will mention it whenever there’s a Miller within earshot.

Speaking of unforgettable…It’s the most famous save of all time and they must be sick of talking about it. Pele, the world’s greatest footballer v Gordon Banks, former Sheffield coalman and world’s best goalkeeper, World Cup, Guadalajara 1970. Almost ancient history.

But there was Pele talking about it again yesterday on Gary Richardson’s BBC Radio Five Sportsweek show.

I didn’t know then as a kid and still don’t know now how it didn’t go in. Nor did Gordon Banks at the time.

Pele thought it was in the net and turned away yelling ‘Goooal’ before the ball somehow defied physics, looped over the bar and the full majesty of Banks’ historic moment dawned on the world.

But I don’t suppose anyone thought we’d still be talking about it 45 years later.

Pele, sort of laughingly, mentioned to Richardson that he scored over 1,200 goals in his career but whenever he comes here he’s only ever asked about the one he missed. No wonder from our point of view. Coalman’s crackling commentary and the mind-bending colours on those ‘new’ colour TVs are seared into the minds of every England fan who saw it for ever.

Pele’s too by the sound of it.

*Classic footballer’s quote from Bristol City’s Luke Freeman after his man of the match performance in City’s 2-0 win over Walsall in the Johnson’s Paint Trophy final at Wembley.

Birthday boy Freeman - 23 on the day - was talking afterwards on the pitch in the full euphoria of victory to the curiously mannered BBC TV presenter Mark Clemmit who said what a wonderful birthday present a win at Wembley must be?

“I know, I’m over the moon,” said a very chatty Freeman.

Then the brilliant bit: “Like I said, I’m speechless.”