Manchester United superstar striker Radamel Falcao is a Yorkshireman!

Manchester United's Radamel Falcao - a Yorkshire lad!
Manchester United's Radamel Falcao - a Yorkshire lad!
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Eee, bah gum - Radamel Falcao is a Yorkshireman; didn’t tha know?

The multi-millionaire Manchester United striker has Yorkshire roots as his great-grandfather was a Yorkshireman called George King, from the small village of Burn, a few miles south of Selby.

King moved to South America from England in 1932 - and had a keen interest in sport but unlike his great-grandson- had no interest in football.

The striker’s father also named Radamel, said: “I’m proud of my English blood. My grandfather was English and also a sportsman.”

King, in his mid-20s moved to Colombia in the inter-war period from Burn, North Yorks, fell in love with a local girl and had five children -one of those, Denis, is Falcao’s grandma.

A few decades later, Radamel senior visited the British Embassy due to his English family link to request a passport for his teenage son who was about to sign for River Plate.

“He was probably about 13 so I went down to the Embassy thinking that a British passport would help him with a move to Europe.

“Unfortunately it got rejected,’ says the dad.

This was because great-grandfather, George, was one branch too far up the Garcia family tree for Falcao to be given British citizenship- and thus the opportunity of Falcao ever playing for England disappeared.

Back in 1932, King had accepted a post as an accountant in northern Colombia but shortly after arriving in Colombia, tragedy struck when his wife died during childbirth.

Later, he fell for a Colombian girl, Juliana, with whom he had five children; Jack, Roy, Carlos, Telma and Denis.

King’s life came to a tragic end after 28 years in South America - he was murdered by robbers.

*Manchester United have had some quality footballers from Yorkshire, including Busby Babes Mark Jones, Tommy Taylor, and BArnsley brothers Brian and Jimmy Greehoff.