Little and Large? Can they bang in the goals?

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This time next week football fans across our area will be nervously awaiting the first match of the Football League season on August 6.

It seems like just two minutes ago that Wednesdayites were celebrating the equal ineffectiveness of neighbours United joining them in League One.

Well, it is now almost upon us. Owls fan ‘Strigidae’ speculated on The Star website that this could finally be winger Jermain Johnson’s year.

“This may just be the season when he reaches his full potential, no more running into blind alleys, falling over or shooting into row Z when there’s a simple pass on. Come on JJ, do it for us.”

Over in Sheffield 2 ‘Dr Bentley’s Leg’ commented on The Star’s website that he didn’t care about the height difference between United’s young front two of Danny Philliskirk and Jordan Slew.

“Little and Large act up front? I thought that would be more befitting of the comedy club at S6. Still, I don’t care if we have Mike and Bernie Winters (kids, ask yer dads) up there as long as they bang the goals in.”

On Twitter, the social media site that is so divisive between Tweeters and non-Tweeters, @duffy11 was noticing some double-standards from the team up the M1 during the Owls’ friendly match last Saturday.

“Leeds fans while losing 1-0... “It’s just a pre-season friendly” *Score* Leeds fans go mental... Irony #swfc.”

Also posting on Twitter was Blades fan @JackSUFC_BBK who spoke for so many of us late one night when he tuned into Sky Sports.

“Watching the end of Premiership Years has made me realise how much I miss football! #sufc.”

Don’t worry Jack, just one more week to get through.

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