'˜Listen to the fans' says Spireites CEO after fans reject Whole Game Solution plans

Chesterfield CEO Chris Turner is imploring the EFL to listen to supporters, after his club's own fans voted to reject the Whole Game Solution proposals.

Wednesday, 21st September 2016, 10:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:06 pm
Chesterfield FC v Northampton, fans gallery

Under the proposals, the EFL would be restructured to include a fifth division, FA Cup rounds one and two would move to widweek and a winter break would be introduced.

A week after Derbyshire Times readers voted to reject the plans an official club poll attracted over 500 responses, the majority of whom were against the EFL’s ideas.

Eighty-five per cent of the fans who responded said the EFL did not not need restructuring, with 80 per cent also saying they would not support an expansion to 80 teams.

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Only nine per cent of supporters feel Chesterfield play too many fixtures in the current season, while 84 per cent would not want to see a reduction in midweek games.

Regionalisation of divisions was rejected by 75 per cent of fans, and 77 per cent would not support a winter break.

And on the much maligned EFL Trophy, 77 per cent of Chesterfield fans who responded want to see it revert back to League One and League Two clubs only.

Mr Turner says he will take these findings to the league, and admits he agrees with the fans.

“I must say that on every question I agree and I’ll be going to the meeting on Thursday armed with these results,” he said.

“I know from talking to other football clubs that their views are very similar to mine and those of our supporters.

“The most important people in football are the supporters, without the supporters there is no football.

“The EFL have got to listen to the supporters because they’re the people who support the club, pay through the gates and they’re an essential voice for any changes in the game.

“I cannot see where the EFL board are going to get their required 75 per cent for the Whole Game Solution to be passed.”

But the CEO also points out that money talks and opinions could be swayed by cash from the Premier League.

“The only thing that might give it a chance of being passed is money from the Premier League,” he said.

“If they throw money in some shape or form at some of the proposals then that does change the minds of non-football people in the game.

“From speaking to clubs over the recent months since these proposals were put on the table I’ve not heard of one club who has actually supported any of these proposals.

“I’m all for change if it enhances football, but I also want everyone to be happy with the game we’ve got.”