John Sheridan frustrated by Chesterfield performance in home defeat to Eastleigh

Chesterfield’s inability to heed repeated instruction has left John Sheridan a frustrated man.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 9th March 2019, 4:56 pm
Updated Saturday, 9th March 2019, 5:58 pm
Chesterfield FC v Eastleigh.
Chesterfield pick the ball out the back of the net following Eastleigh's second half equaliser.
Chesterfield FC v Eastleigh. Chesterfield pick the ball out the back of the net following Eastleigh's second half equaliser.

Speaking after Town twice gave up a lead to lose 3-2 at home to Eastleigh, Sheridan wasn’t happy.

“I’m like a yo-yo, I’m up and down at the minute,” he said.

“I could go on all day about the performance, the way we concede goals.

“I keep saying the same things 10 and 20 times.

“The overall performance isn’t the way I want to play football.

“We looked a bit nervous for some reason, I don’t know why, they’re on a good run.

“For some reason they go out and give that performance.

“Sometimes you think why have we played like that. We make the game look too ugly.”

Sheridan spoke of the way his Chesterfield team played at home during his first spell as manager, which is in stark contrast to the way they performed today.

“It’s just the basics.

“Do the basics.

“Even the third goal has come from a throw in again.

“Whether I need different kinds of players to do what I want us to try and do, especially at home.

“Last time I was here we were very good at home, always brave, always created chances and scored goals.

“I don’t want to say we’re nervous of playing at home, but sometimes players might feel a bit more under pressure in front of our own fans.

“Even since I’ve come here we haven’t played very well at home.”

Having gone 1-0 up in the first half and 2-1 up early in the second, Sheridan wanted his players to manage the game much better.

Instead they lost control entirely.

“When we score the second goal, when you get that goal, what are yous all thinking? What are you saying to each other. How do we go about the game?

“Are you just waiting for me to pass every ball for you?

“You’ve got to get a grip, just see the game through.

“Just try and make the game as simple as possible.

“We make it as difficult as you can, the way we take throw ins, the way we pass the ball. Everything to Denton has snow on it, why don’t we drop it into his chest?

“It’s so frustrating to watch.”

The sloppy defending that aided Eastleigh’s comeback was ‘criminal’ in Sheridan’s eyes and he accused players of ‘going to sleep.’

He stopped short of saying there will be big changes in the summer, but hinted that he’s lacking a certain mentality in the current squad.

“It does get frustrating, you end up losing your rag a little bit.

“At this moment in time I’m trying to praise them as much as I can.

“I’ve got a lot of players. I’m not putting a downer on them, they’ve done well.

“I want players who are hopefully, next year, in my team to try and push to get out of this league.

“I’ve got to get those individuals with the mentality of not liking losing, or giving the ball away cheaply or making the game look hard.

“I had Mark Allott here, he kept everyone ticking over, had a little streak in him when people weren’t doing it properly. You need those kind of players.”

It’s evident, however, that the two-time Chesterfield boss is champing at the bit to secure safety and begin work on a promotion bid for next season.

“I look at us and think we’re the best club in this division.

“I think we are probably the biggest club in this division, we shouldn’t be anywhere near we are.

“I’ve come for the simple reason, get them out of the league, with my know-how, the players I like, with the mentality I need.

“In the summer when we’ve hopefully stayed up, my thought process is getting them out of the division, whether that means changes.”