Get your kit off, Gaz, and get ready for the Champions League!

Everton fan Michael Cullen aka Speedo Mick holds a sign saying 'Get your kit off Gary Lineker, a promise is a promise'
Everton fan Michael Cullen aka Speedo Mick holds a sign saying 'Get your kit off Gary Lineker, a promise is a promise'
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Enough already.

We’re all thrilled, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke, we all love Jamie and it’s changed Premier League football for ever.

But is anyone else a bit sick of the Leicester love-in now?

We’ve had it for over a week and the BBC are still finding people in Winston, Loughborough and Quorn who: “still can’t believe it” and those for whom “It’s not sunk in yet”.

Come on lads give it a rest.

It’s a brilliant and completely unexpected achievement, the manager Claudio Ranieri is a lovely, charismatic man who has whipped a bunch of hopefuls, big-four rejects and transfer bargains into a title-winning unit. So jolly well done, we admire you tremendously but we’re getting a bit sick of hearing how ‘miraculous’ their achievement is.

And what about Gary Lineker?

Great footballer, excellent presenter and a genuine Leicester City fan. But please can we hear the last of whether he’s going to present Match Of The Day in his under-crackers or not? His pledge was that if Leicester won the Premier League he would present the first Match Of The Day show of next season in just his underpants, so ridiculous did it appear that those events could ever occur.

But they have... and don’t we know about it?

It won’t be a big deal, Lineker’s in decent shape.

Pictures of his muscled torso are all over the internet - not that I’d seek out such things obviously - and no doubt he’s hammering the gym to get in even better nick for his big reveal. He’ll look embarrassed, Shearer and Savage will be giggling, Danny Murphy will make a crack about Lineker’s ‘false number nine’ and that will be the end of it.

But he should do it for the last MOTD this season otherwise we’ll have to hear about it all summer. Come on Gary, get your kit off and put us out of our misery. While we’re on, people are comparing Leicester’s achievements this season to Forest’s efforts in 1978. From bottom of the league to champions of a tougher division in just over a year probably beats Forest’s winning the title with promotion momentum behind them - though Forest also won the League Cup that season.

All Leicester have to do to prove themselves superior to Clough’s tricky trees of the 70s is win back-to-back European Cups in the next two seasons.

Savage in a tutu anyone?