Football agent involved in Chinese firm's bid to buy Chesterfield says it remains '˜on standby'

Chesterfield vs Crewe - ProAct stadium - Pic By James WilliamsonChesterfield vs Crewe - ProAct stadium - Pic By James Williamson
Chesterfield vs Crewe - ProAct stadium - Pic By James Williamson
The football agent involved in a Chinese firm's bid to buy Chesterfield FC says it remains '˜on standby.'

Lucas Cominelli was the man tasked with approaching the Spireites on behalf of the London finance company representing the Chinese interest.

A former professional footballer who played for Newcastle United and Oxford United, Cominelli told the Derbyshire Times he didn’t know why a deal struck between the two parties broke down.

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But the Argentinian did reveal his belief that safeguarding their League Two status would make Chesterfield a more attractive proposition.

“I’m just a football agent, to approach both parties to make the deal,” he said.

“I’m just an agent, not a buyer, I don’t know why they put my name in the newspaper when I just approach both sides, that’s it.

“It’s a little funny.

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“If I can help both sides I would do it. They have nice people in the club, fantastic supporters.

“It’s a massive club that could do very, very good things.”

He says the party he was negotiating on behalf of were impressed by the club and hinted that they are still interested in buying, but there are concerns over a potential relegation from the Football League.

“I think so yes (it is still possible), the people loved the club, everything,” he said.

“My job was to approach the club, to give advice on if it would be a good investment, to make a good project.

“I think Chesterfield have everything.

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“The buyer was thinking how the team will finish in the league.

“From my point of view and the people who control the money, they’re waiting to see how the club finishes.

“It’s not the same to make an approach for a League Two club and a Conference club.

“It’s difficult to convince players to go to League Two, imagine for the Conference.

“I don’t know what will happen in the future.

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“I approach both sides, they make an agreement and after that, I’m out, I don’t know what happened.

“I know everything is on standby.”

While Cominelli was relatively tight lipped over the furuture prospects of reviving the deal, the Derbyshire Times understands from sources that there’s an open door for Chesterfield if they want to re-engage with the potential buyer and that even relegation would not close that door.

But club director Ashley Carson, who said the deal with the Chinese firm ended when a five per cent deposit failed to materialise, is already in talks with an English consortium over a sale.

Amid talk of supporter protests, Carson did not attend Saturday’s game at the Proact.

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In a statement released on Friday he said: “I am aware of the current ill feeling among supporters and for that reason I have decided to stay away from the match.

“I do not want off-the-field issues to be a distraction for Jack Lester or the team.

“I continue to work on my priority and that is to sell the club. Dave Allen and I both recognise the time is right for a new owner and I am doing everything I can to make that happen.”