Rob switches on to a new season

Rossington Vs Doncaster Rovers'Rovers Skipper Rob Jones
Rossington Vs Doncaster Rovers'Rovers Skipper Rob Jones
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Rovers skipper Rob Jones says it was incredibly difficult to come down from the highs of the dramatic conclusion to last season.

Jones admits he could not switch off following Rovers’ League One title win and the days of partying which followed.

“It was very difficult to come down from that,” he told the Green’Un.

“Having a more in-depth and hands-on look at things being a coach last season it was incredibly difficult.

“For the first week or ten days I couldn’t really switch off.

“In previous seasons as soon as you’ve got the presentation evening and a couple of nights out with the lads out the way, that’s it, you just enjoy family time.

“With us not having a manager, my phone kept ringing which didn’t help.

“But it took a lot longer than I thought.

“Eventually, normality did return and I really enjoyed the time with my wife and kids but it’s back to work quickly.

“It’s been exciting coming back together with the lads over the expedition we had last season and the atmosphere has been great.

“Thankfully the phone has stopped ringing as much.”

Jones will continue his role as club captain despite the arrival of new boss Paul Dickov.

But his coaching role is likely to take a back seat this term with the 33-year-old concentrating on playing.

He said: “At the moment I’ve reverted back to my playing role because I’m a player first and foremost.

“As the season progressed I may start to do bits but that’s under the manager’s discretion.

“He will decide what I will and won’t do and I’m very comfortable with that.

“I’ll start my A License next year and that should be done in the next year to 18 months which will be great for me.

“It’s a great honour for me to remain as captain because you do worry when a new manager comes in.

“But it doesn’t mean I’m going to start every game and that’s why I have to concentrate on playing rather than coaching at this time.”

Former Sheffield Wednesday centre half Jones has been impressed with the fitness levels of the Rovers squad over the summer and is confident they will hit the ground running this season.

He said: “The boys have worked tremendously hard both on the training ground and behind the scenes before we came back together.

“You never look forward to running all the time but we’re footballers and that’s the job.

“The fitness levels have far surpassed what anyone expected.

“It’s been good, it’s been tough.

“And it’s been good for me because I didn’t have a full pre-season last year with me not coming in until the last minute.

“We’re still riding the crest of the wave from last season and the momentum will be very important for us this season.”