No throwing baby out with the bathwater

He may not have been happy with aspects of his side’s performance last weekend but Darren Ferguson is not about to make sweeping changes to his Doncaster Rovers side.

Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson

Ferguson admitted he felt a point was all Rovers deserved at Burton Albion, a game during which he switched from the 3-5-2 system he has shown faith in over the last two months.

But he says the recent positivity and upturn at the club overrides his disappoinment – even if he feels Rovers can do better.

“What I say on Saturday is done by 5pm and we move onto the next one and don’t leave it hanging for too long,” Ferguson told The Star.

“There was no panic at all.

“The performances have been really good and there’s been different types of really good attributes in the performances.

“Last Saturday you saw a really battling performance where we had to dig in to get something out of the game. We’ve seen some really good football.

“I said to them on Monday we’re not going to be changing anything.

“We’re not going to change the system. We don’t need to.

“We just need to get better and put in the performances we know we’re capable of.”

One recent trend from Rovers Ferguson is keen to change when they host Scunthorpe United on Boxing Day is the number of goals they concede.

Five goals shipped in the last two matches is too high for the Rovers boss, even if they have picked up four points in that mini spell.

He said: “We’ve focused this week a bit more on certain things we’ve seen when we’ve conceded goals. In terms of when the ball changes hands and our recovery.

“We’ve worked a bit more on that this week because when you lose five goals in two games, that’s too many.

“We have to eradicate that.

“It’s not something we’ve worked on a lot more because we like to get the balance between defence and attack.

“It’s just we’ve done more work on that than the attacking stuff this week.

“A lot of the stuff we’ve done really well.

“We look a real threat and we’re getting goals.

“The other end of the pitch just needs that bit more attention.”