More hard days nights for the media team

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WHAT a week so far starting at Leeds on Saturday where you cannot sit on your stool pitch side to take photographs due to fans’ seating being so low.

I was proper numb in parts I did not know I had!

Leeds is always an intimidating place to visit despite the media team there being friendly.

For such a big club Leeds do not have the best media facilities as its an old ground. but Paul makes the welcome good.

What really surprises me is the size of the away dressing room that was the size of my media office and there was little room for the kitman to swing a cat! Afterwards Sean, had to climb up the steepest stairs to any press room in the league which felt like I was training for the Inca Trek.

For once on a Sunday I could forget football, which was good as I had been with the admin team at Linda Monk’s 50th party after the Leeds game so was a bit tired.

No rest for the wicked though as we had a home game against Coventry on Tuesday, which meant another presser on Monday but with everyone so busy it was left to me and Mr Hossack to torment Sean.

Downside for me was that the programme against QPR was to feature Paul Keegan but he had gone off to see a specialist about his knee, so I interviewed George Friend about his new role and why he had a black eye!

I must admit I felt battle weary on Monday night after match and press events day in, day out, but you soldier on as we work six days a week including long nights. Tuesday was Marie Curie Day at the Keepmoat for the visit of Coventry and a very nervous nurse Ann Walsh had to take the ball to the middle for the referee, who I will say little else about in case I get a call from the FA as my mate at Barnsley got! It is very Big Brother these days when it comes to referees as you can say little about their performance or strange/bizarre decisions without the FA getting involved which is hard for everyone at football clubs.

Wednesday saw Maz Ahmed and myself take a trip to the NEC for a photo and video show to look at new equipment to upgrade ours. Maz produces the videos for the Rovers Player so we are looking to enhance the videos we do and speed up the system.

We wanted to assess the use of a chroma key green screen for doing Sky-type player sequences for Rovers Player, similar to opening sequences with players on all sorts of backgrounds.

Then it was back to yet another pre-match press conference yesterday with the main topic again, ahead of the Forest game, injuries!