How have Doncaster Rovers improved under Darren Ferguson?

Darren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson
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Darren Ferguson has outlined the key areas where he feels Doncaster Rovers have improved since he took charge just over two years ago.

Following criticism from some supporters, the Scot declared “I think we’ve come a hell of a long way in the two years that I’ve been in the club” after last month’s win at Bury.

Rovers travel to Fleetwood Town tomorrow sat 16th in League One, compared to 20th when Ferguson was appointed in October, 2015.

While acknowledging the importance of results in the short term, Rovers’ boss has also urged fans to look at the bigger picture and says the club has made big strides in terms of recruitment, staffing, and improving the value and mentality of the squad.

“There’s been improvement in the recruitment,” Ferguson told The Star. “Certainly the value of the squad is healthy now and we’ve got some good assets at the football club.

“I feel that the mentality of the club is very good now. And I think the structure of it [is better] as well.

“The nature of the industry is that it is always based on results.

“But for me there is a bigger picture and I think everyone’s got to be aware that we’re trying to make sure that the structure of the football club and the longevity of it and the amount of emotional work I put into the football club doesn’t go unrewarded.

“We feel that we can still have a good season, whatever we feel that may be.

“I’m not saying I’ve changed everything myself. There’s been changes in staff across the whole club and a lot of people should take credit for that.

“I think we’re in quite a good position now. The running of the club has always been good but the running of the football side of the club is very good now. There’s a good structure in place from the bottom to the top.

“I also feel the value of the squad has increased by quite a large amount, I have to say.

“The age of the squad has also been reduced remarkably. I think the average age is 25. We’ve got a fit team, an athletic team with real energy in it when we’re really at it.

“We have turned down bids for players and we have had interest in players and things like that.

“I would like to think that people can see that. There is quality in there.

“Hopefully people can see what I’m trying to do with the club moving forward but you need to have that long term vision and I totally understand you need to have the results short term as well.”