Doncaster Rovers: Why Grant McCann won’t sign another keeper after Ian Lawlor blow

Ian LawlorIan Lawlor
Ian Lawlor
Grant McCann insists he does not need to bring in another goalkeeper at Doncaster Rovers following the season-ending injury suffered by Ian Lawlor.

The Irish goalkeeper has been ruled out for six months after damaging cartilage in his shoulder during training ten days ago.

It leaves Rovers with Marko Marosi and youngster Louis Jones as goalkeeping options.

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But McCann says he is more than comfortable seeing through the rest of the season with the duo.

"I said it when I came in here and I still say it now having seen them all day in, day out, we're lucky to have three very good goalkeepers," McCann said.

"And there's not many teams in League One that can say that.

"I mean that wholeheartedly, and if I didn't then I would go out and sign a goalkeeper tomorrow because I can do that.

"But I don't want to.

"I'm happy with Marko and I'm happy with Louis Jones."

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McCann will have the option of the emergency loan market should either man suffer an injury. Under current legislation, only goalkeepers can be signed on loan outside transfer windows, provided certain conditions are in place.

"If anything happens to one of those two, I can go and get another keeper," McCann said. "The good thing is because Louis hasn't played in the Football League, we can go and bring in a keeper outside the window.

"We'll look at that if anything happens outside the window but at the moment I'm happy with those two.

"Bringing another one in now, one of them would be sitting in the stands every week so there is no point."