Doncaster Rovers: Dons takeover is “win, win, win situation” - Gavin Baldwin

Gavin Baldwin
Gavin Baldwin
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Gavin Baldwin has described Doncaster Rovers’ takeover of the Dons as a “win, win, win situation”.

Rovers’ chief executive is convinced the ‘Club Doncaster’ link-up, offically announced yesterday, will be of benefit to both clubs.

He also told The Star it could breathe new life into sport in Doncaster and increase participation levels.

“This is a positive step in terms of creating a sporting allegiance in Doncaster,” said Baldwin.

“I believe that it will lead to an increase in community involvement for both Rovers and the Dons.

“It will also help drive revenue streams for the Keepmoat Stadium, which therefore generates revenue for Rovers and the Dons.”

The Club Doncaster concept, a long term vision of Baldwin’s, has already met with opposition from Rovers fans fearful of the takeover’s impact on the club’s football budget.

“I can reassure our loyal supporters that the funds used to purchase the Dons hasn’t come from the Rovers budget,” said Baldwin.

“The current owners have provided the funds as a way to give back to the community in Doncaster.

“In addition it is a sensible business decision.

“It will help drive revenue for the Dons, the stadium and in turn Doncaster Rovers.

“This will be a win, win, win situation.

“This is a key milestone for sport in Doncaster,” he added.

“The Dons are a well run club and are ready for growth and I am confident that we can help them achieve their potential.

“By giving the Dons the access to the support functions such as our commercial, communications and administration team, the Dons will have the opportunity and a platform to grow their club.

“If we can help more people attend the Dons games this will drive more revenue into the Dons and into the stadium.

“As a result this will benefit the Dons’ bottom line, the stadium’s bottom line and in turn will increase the Rovers playing budget.”