Confusion behind the scenes

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If one thing has undermined Doncaster Rovers’ promising start to the new season on the pitch, it’s what is going on - or not going on - off it.

While Paul Dickov’s men showed great unity in securing four points against former Premier League big-hitters Blackburn and Wigan, the same cannot be said of Rovers’ own big-hitters behind the scenes.

And that difference in opinion at boardroom level, which was made public by chairman John Ryan this week, needs to be brought to a head as quickly as possible - or as soon as co-owner Terry Bramall returns from an interestingly-timed trip to the United States.

Every organisation, be that business or sport, needs clear direction, unity and leadership from the very top.

And at Doncaster, at present, it’s anyone’s guess as to who is actually running the show, or in which direction they want to take the club.

That confusion was this week taken to a new level by Ryan’s nonplussed reaction to a question about an alleged rival group to Sequentia Capital, the Irish-led consortium interested in taking over at Rovers.

This second consortium, who ‘were dealing with Terry’ were first mentioned by fellow co-owner Dick Watson at a ‘Meet the Owners’ press conference earlier this month.

But Ryan, who has nailed his colours firmly to Sequentia’s mast, is none the wiser.

His latest interview painted a picture of utter confusion behind the scenes - and that can’t help Dickov with matters on it.

“I don’t want to get into personalities, I don’t think that’s fair,” Ryan told local radio last week, when he was asked who was against Sequentia’s takeover proposal.

“At the moment I’ll just say we haven’t got our ducks in a row.

“There was another offer, apparently, but I don’t think that’s come to anything. I know nothing about that one at all.

“I’m not aware that anything has happened with it - and I think it’s highly unlikely anything will.

“There’s hardly a queue of people wanting to invest in football clubs, and for someone to want to invest big in Doncaster Rovers is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I’ve made it clear I think it is [a damp squib] because it’s very odd that another investor would come in straight away after another investor.

“This is Doncaster Rovers, not one of the top clubs as it were.”