Bidding to end blip and spoil Jewell home debut

Its not been a good week at the office so to say as Rovers have had a little blip with no goals scored and eight against.

But we played Wolves with players not fully fit and missing some of our key players including Martin Woods who pulled up in the warm up.

Wolves had beaten Liverpool and Chelsea recently and put three past Manchester City in the Premier League, yet for one hour we matched them and if a few decisions by the referee had gone our way we would have been level.

So we live on to fight again and what a tough one at Ipswich as we face Paul Jewell in his first home game.

Last Saturday against Reading. I was sat updating our Twitter ( and Facebook feeds and was putting how well we were playing when one long ball and we have gone behind.

It was hard to tap in that we had let in a goal after l we had out played them but that's the Championship for you as one lapse of concentration can be fatal.

We had two of Doncaster Belles trialists in the room to watch with their manager John Buckley but it was not the game I had hoped for although Mustapha Dumbuya enjoyed chatting to the girls!

I now coach most of the TV reporters at matches to ask questions that Sean can react to rather than like a lot do ask the lazy 'You must be?' which almost tells the manager what he is thinking rather than what he actually is.

Sean always focuses on the performance first followed by the result, which even after a defeat he always is honest and to the point. I am the first person Sean usually meets after the game when he comes out of the changing room, so I have to gauge his mood to adapt, plus advise who he is being interviewed by. We have a system also now where we pick which players get interviewed so my staff have to make sure we are aware of all interviews as sometimes they try to grab a player not on our list.

So on the back of the defeat to our jinx side Reading we hopped in the car and travelled down to Wolves. Never have I been so glad of having a satnav system than going down there via the A38 as there are some weird roundabouts and road changes!

It is so bad one journalist ended up in Walsall and a director ended somehow at the other side of Wolverhampton.

We got there in good time and had a great time before the match with wonderful hospitality and help from their media team and stewards. I ended up taking photos and updating facebook.

We got some great photos but just missed out on any celebrations. Talk about madness for fans trying to get to our stadium. I have just found out that in addition to the Balby Road nightmare, there is to be work on the roundabouts off the M18 so fans can't come in that way! Nothing surprises us about roadworks after travelling around Britain but Doncaster beats it all with this one.

So we have a trip to Ipswich tomorrow followed by a big South Yorkshire 'derby' with Barnsley when the top two in the county face each other at the Keepmoat on Tuesday. With tickets from just 20 its a game not to be missed with a battle for the title of top of the pile in South Yorkshire.

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