A belt-bursting performance at the City Ground

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The Forest game at the City Ground was a real battle and one that demanded, and got, a gritty performance.

Steve Chadwick burst his belt with excitement and had to have a set of Billy Sharp’s laces to hold his trousers up! Not ideal but better than a possible accident in front of the fans - although his trousers tried to knock the ball in a few times!

Chris Mortley got back in training at the game when he managed to down two pies (one to help Maz decide which to have) before the game, so not sure how his commentary went.

I’m told one fan said he had gone off at half-time for another pie but he assured he didn’t as he had eaten them all before the game!

Tuesday saw Phil Ryan (John’s brother) and myself have a meeting with chairman John Ryan over at his Cheshire home, which was a right nightmare to get to with thick fog all the way.

But on getting there we had our meeting followed on by photographing his wonderful railway while discussing his plans to open a railway museum in Doncaster.

John hopes to document the railway and produce a book on it as it is passion and a way of escaping the pressures of life.

I should have been at the Come Dine with Me event at the local that evening where several players but I felt ill on way back so could not make it.

Maz went along to take photos and ‘gangster chef’’ Shelton Martis, got hold of the camera so who knows what photos we have on the server now.

I’m told Mark Wilson and Copps cooked a marvellous meal.

So onto Wednesday and it was a bad start as I broke my glasses at home before I set off!

Not good news when you have to finish the QPR match programme off, but I finally get it done.

Check it out tomorrow. You can win Beedy Eye albums and T-shirts and read some great interviews. Maybe you are the face in the crowd.

Also the match is our Level Playing Field issue outliningwhat we do for the disabled community with a great picture of big Rovers’ fan Patrick Queen on the front.

It’s top-of-the-table QPR tomorrow and I’m sure the post-match press conference will be lively with Neil Warnock! Get your self down to the Keepmoat as we are running a quid-for-a-kid promotion and it’s only £15 for adults.

Let’s make some noise!