Doncaster Rovers: Grant McCann WILL be flexible with the formation if required

Grant McCann, right, pictured during training.Grant McCann, right, pictured during training.
Grant McCann, right, pictured during training.
Grant McCann WILL shift from 4-3-3 if the need arises.

Doncaster Rovers’ new boss raised a few eyebrows upon his official unveiling when he declared he would religiously stick to one way of playing.

But he has since softened that stance somewhat - and says Rovers have the flexibility to play in different formations.

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McCann, who impressed in his interview having watched every Rovers game from last season on the WyScout system, feels 4-3-3 best suits the players at his disposal.

“You can’t just go into a club and say we’re going to play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 if you haven’t got the players,” he told The Star.

“It’s a system that suits the group and it’s a system that I’ve worked with.

“I’ve worked with a diamond, 3-4-1-2 and 4-3-3.

“I think the group is flexible and knowing they’ve played a diamond last year gives the chance to drop into that.

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“Knowing they’ve played three at the back last year they can drop into that.

“The group is flexible.

“One thing for certain is that we won’t be going into games changing formations for opposition.

“We want to get into a position where our formation is hurting opposition and they’re having to think about us.”

McCann will tomorrow reveal the identity of a key player who, worst case scenario, could be out injured for four months.