Doncaster Belles: We’re not going into FAWSL1 to make up the numbers - Sweetman-Kirk

Sharp-shooter Courtney Sweetman-Kirk says Doncaster Rovers Belles will not be going into FAWSL1 to make up the numbers.
Courtney Sweetman-KirkCourtney Sweetman-Kirk
Courtney Sweetman-Kirk

Belles guaranteed a promotion spot with victory at London Bees on Sunday although their place in the top tier is still subject to meeting FA licensing requirements.

The matter of red tape, however, has not stopped 25-goal striker Sweetman-Kirk looking ahead to next term.

“I think we can do very well,” she said.

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“We’ve acquitted ourselves well when we played Sunderland in the Continental Cup. I think we matched Man City for 45 minutes.

“You look at Sunderland and how well they’ve done and I think that’s a model that everyone can look at.

“We won’t just be there to make up the numbers.”

Sweetman-Kirk said securing promotion at The Hive laid some demons to rest - but has stressed that Belles still want to go up as champions.

“It feels amazing,” she said.

“I think it puts a few demons to bed to be honest.

“We sat here last day of the season [last year] on this pitch, after winning 9-0, knowing it wasn’t good enough.

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“The performance wasn’t quite up to that but at the end of the day promotion is promotion and we’re ecstatic. We’re back where we belong.

“We’ve still got a job to do,” she added. “I know we’ve achieved promotion but that’s only half the job, we want to go up as champions.”