Director says it's a '˜disgrace' as Spireites are hit by legal action

Ashley Carson says it's a disgrace that Chesterfield FC have been hit with legal action over a debt associated with a football academy formerly linked to the club.

Monday, 10th April 2017, 4:11 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:22 pm
Chesterfield Football Club Village.

A county court judgement has been lodged against the Spireites for a £1,900 legal bill by Blacks Solicitors.

The Derbyshire Times understands the amount relates to work carried out by Blacks to remove another CCJ that was lodged incorrectly against the club.

That initial CCJ was for a sum owed by the now liquidated Chesterfield FC Development School, an academy that was legally separate from the club but heavily associated with it.

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Former Chesterfield CEO Chris Turner and non-league footballer Liam Sutcliffe set up CFCDS Ltd and were the only directors of the business which used the Spireites badge and based itself at CFC Village opposite the Proact.

According to companies house records, Turner, who was made redundant by the Spireites earlier this year, quit as a director in August last year.

Sutcliffe took the business into voluntary liquidation last month and a statement released at a creditors meeting showed over £250,000 as being owed by CFCDS.

Blacks Solicitors, who have declined to comment on the CCJ, were listed as a creditor of CFCDS Ltd, owed just shy of £6k.

Chesterfield director Carson, who says he is still owed the £34,000 he personally ploughed into the football school, says the CCJ filed on 31st March will have to be paid.

But he’s not happy with the situation.

“It’s a disgrace,” he said.

“Having looked at it, I’m not taking legal advice because I don’t want to incur legal costs.

“We’re going to have to pay it, it’s justified.

“But I will make sure the club will not have to suffer to the tune of this amount, for the cost.

“I will make sure it’s paid and the CCJ gets removed, but the money will not come from the club.

“I will get it back - I’m disappointed to find another problem to deal with.

“It’s yet another thing relating to the development school and I’m not impressed.”

Turner did not want to comment on the CCJ on the record but said: “I’ve left the football club and I’m moving on with my life.”

The Derbyshire Times ran a series of articles on issues relating to the football school last summer, including the non payment of refunds to parents who forked out cash for a football trip to Paris that never took place and staff departures over unpaid wages.

Another part of Suctliffe’s business, CFC International Football Academy, has since been taken over by FBT Europe, a leisurewear firm that is part of Sir Rodney Walker’s Romiro Group.

Sutcliffe remains involved, in the recruitment of players, but on a commission basis rather than as a director.

The Derbyshire Times attempted to contact Sutcliffe for comment.