Director: Potential new owners have '˜passion' for football and deal could be done in 14 days

Ashley Carson says a deal to sell Chesterfield FC could be wrapped up in seven to 14 days with a consortium who are '˜passionate' about football.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 6th March 2018, 10:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th March 2018, 11:00 am
Ashley Carson unveils Jack Lester as the club's new first team manager
Ashley Carson unveils Jack Lester as the club's new first team manager

The Spireites company secretary was speaking after last night’s AGM at the Proact Stadium, where the board faced a series of questions over the running of the club and a potential takeover.

Although Carson suggests that Town’s results have slowed down progress on a deal with an English-based interested party, owner Dave Allen has shaken hands with them over a deal and a payment schedule has been agreed.

“A deal has been struck to mutual satisfaction,” said Carson.

“A payment schedule has been agreed for this.

“Now we’re waiting, I will probably speak to them (Wednesday), ask them what the update is.

“I’ve got (auditor) Howard Freeman informed, the lawyers have been informed.

“Everyone is standing by to go.

“I’m told it should be seven to 14 days for the transfer of the shares, a signature on a piece of paper.”

He admits that nothing is final until the necessary documents are signed and the money appears in the bank.

And the potential buyers do appear to be closely monitoring results and the club’s position at the wrong end of the League Two table ahead of finalising any deal.

“They’ve got all the management accounts, taken them back to London and their advisors have told them they’re the best management accounts they’ve ever seen in a football club so I have no problems there,” he said.

“But no deal is done until the ink is dry and more importantly the first payment is in the bank.

“Are we any further forward than any other deal? I think we possible are but who knows?

“I think (results are) probably why things have slowed down a little bit now, it’s a match by match kind of a thing.

“There were discussions with these people before the Carlisle game that if we’d have won the game then they’d have wanted to wrap everything up the following week.

“We lost and then it slowed everything down again.

“Some Russians were allegedly interested in the club, I’m now told they’ve probably got cold feet because of the position we’re in.

“It’s got to be the worst possible time to try and sell the football club for the money you want.”

Despite being the subject of angry chants by supporters at that Carlisle game, Carson has told the club’s fanbase he won’t be going anywhere just yet - even if the consortium takes control of Allen’s shares.

And he told the Derbyshire Times he hopes the deal will be a good one for the club, while reiterating that he is not involved with the would-be new owners.

“I think from the conversations I’ve had they are passionate about football, they know football,” he said.

“I would hope that would be the case going forward.

“It could be done very quickly.

“In terms of their side, them being appointed directors, that has to go through various EFL regulations and form filling.

“That will take a lot longer, which is where there will be an interim period where by they would own Dave Allen’s shares, be the majority shareholder, but I don’t know who they are expecting to make a director so until that time I would remain on the board.

“I’ve tried to underline it tonight, I’m not part of any consortiums and I have no intentions of being there in the future.

“I just ask fans to put up with the fact that I am here now, I’m not going overnight but as soon as everything is done, a sale takes place and Dave Allen has withdrawn from the football club, I will go as well.”