Column: Rare outbreak of optimism greets double-signing but a hint of caution remains

Whisper it, but the arrival of two new players at the Proact has been greeted with a rare outbreak of optimism '“ albeit attached to a hint of caution.
Scott Wiseman is a Spireite (Pic: Tina Jenner)Scott Wiseman is a Spireite (Pic: Tina Jenner)
Scott Wiseman is a Spireite (Pic: Tina Jenner)

The majority of fans have reacted positively to some Chesterfield FC news and that hasn’t happened too often of late.

Perhaps only the arrival of Gary Caldwell, which was welcomed at the time by a good proportion of the fanbase, and Ian Evatt’s contract extension, have lifted the collective spirits in this way since the start of last season.

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Scott Wiseman and Joe Anyon are good, solid signings that no one could reasonably be disappointed with.

Wiseman is a winner with a pair of promotions under his belt, Championship experience, pace to burn and plenty of football left in him.

Anyon’s exit caused ‘consternation’ among Scunthorpe fans given his performances in the promotion run-in.

Both players were challenging at the right end of the table last season, in the division above the one in which they will now compete.

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Neither could be accused of being too lightweight – they’re men with experience of men’s football.

As harsh as it may be to compare them with the kids who arrived in January, these are the battle-hardened professionals Chesterfield need.

To get these deals done so early is fantastic business.

So why the caution? Why is there still talk of avoiding home games and not giving a penny more to the club?

Because one swallow, or two in this instance, does not a summer make.

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In pure footballing terms, Town have got their rebuild off to a great start.

That will indeed convince a few to renew season tickets.

Further signings of a similar ilk would persuade a few more to book their seat and by all accounts the club are trying their best.

It will take a lot more for others to join them.

In today’s game, all many fans ask for is a properly run club.

The club are not yet out from under the cloud that has hung over the Proact since last summer so further transparency and a prolonged period of doing things correctly will be vital.

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You can’t please all of the people all of the time and for some, at this stage only a regime change will suffice.

But until a buyer materialises, all Chesterfield can do is make themselves a more attractive proposition on and off the pitch.

And maybe winning fans back will be the key to selling this 150-year-old club.