Chesterfield players wondering about futures as Allen looks to strengthen through loan market

Chesterfield FC v Dover Athletic, Chigozi UgwuChesterfield FC v Dover Athletic, Chigozi Ugwu
Chesterfield FC v Dover Athletic, Chigozi Ugwu
The transfer listing of Gozie Ugwu might have left a number of Chesterfield players worrying about their own futures.

Martin Allen admits that’s one possible outcome of his transfer business this week, having signed Tom Denton and declared Ugwu free to leave.

“It probably has left other players wondering about their position and future,” he said.

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“But unfortunately that’s the game and the business we’re in.

“We are looking at other options, we’re looking to strengthen our team.

“There’s more work to be done on the transfer side.”

He’s keen to point out that players not currently hitting the mark include some of those he himself signed.

And the players have been made well aware that more is expected of them.

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“Some of them haven’t done well enough, their places are under threat.

“Some players we thought might not do as well have done well and changed our mind.

“Other people we’ve brought in haven’t done well enough.

“It’s not just people who were here before I got here, there are some of the signings I’ve made, and it is my responsibility, I don’t think have done well enough.

“I think they’ve come up short.

“I’m not going to name names now, but in private we’ve had those conversations with them. We need more from them, they haven’t done enough.”

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As for the players Allen wants to bring into his squad, they’re likely to be loan signings.

“We can’t panic, we can’t just go and throw money left, right and centre,” he said.

“We’re looking at the loan market but we’ve got to get the right types who want to come here.

“I ain’t begging anyone to come.

“We’ve got to have players who are desperate to play for Chesterfield.

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“Part of the beauty of getting Tom is that he’s coming from a lower level. Lee Shaw has come from a lower level.

“They can’t believe they’re playing for Chesterfield, they’ve got that energy, enthusiasm and positive aura, desperate to do well.

“They’ve got that last off the training pitch, first in in the morning attitude.

“I haven’t got that with everybody if I’m perfectly honest with you.”

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