Record run beckons for a club that’s on the move

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YOU just get the feeling that things are definitely on the move at Hillsborough.

Well, it’s the feeling that’s filtering through to me after just one visit. Presumptious it may be but gauging the whole mood, seeing what’s going on, judging the workings of a shrewd and knowing manager, they may be in for a spell of good health.

Of course, there is talk of a club record unbeaten run on the cards if they avoid defeat at Palace tomorrow.

For starters, contrast the mood of the fans prior to that run starting last February.

Beaten by Exeter, Stevenage and Chesterfield (two of those sides to be relegated) in succession, the fans were quiet, apprehensive, almost morose as they pondered the derby with the Blades.

As they say, just look at ‘em now. They’re clapping anything!

It’s 19 unbeaten in all competitions thus equalling a similar run in 1990/91 run and another of 19 which began at Palace in the final game of the 1982/83 season and then a further 18 games from the start of the next season thus making 19 in all.

It ended in game 20 at Palace with a 1-0 defeat.

And you all know where Wednesday are playing tomorrow!

The whisper going round before Chesterfield’s derby with Rotherham last Saturday was that John Sheridan’s job was on the line. He was dangling over the edge.

One can only surmise a defeat might have seen an announcement on Saturday evening. Instead, it was delayed a couple of days.

The irony is that after Rotherham’s last visit it was their manager Ronnie Moore who lost his job. This time it’s the Chesterfield manager getting the boot

Always seems strange that clubs (Coventry have done it) should sack a manager so very early. It always begs the question “Why start the season with him anyway?”.

Chesterfield had the League Two title in 2011 and then their Wembley triumph last season for which to remember him by.

Top player he certainly was but publicly, as a manager, he certainly was a disappointment. His reticence, indeed dislike, over media commitments was apparent and he came across poorly.

It’s transfer deadline today but it really won’t be the same as transfer deadline days of recent years. Why?

No Harry Redknapp!

Wasn’t one of the regular highlights that moment of great anticipation when the Sky reporter hanging around the entrance to Spurs’ training ground would approach this big flash car?

It would always stop. Down would come the window and there was good ol’ ‘Arry in the driver’s seat always with a few words and a merry quip.

“Any business pending, Harry?”.

“Love to do some me owd cock sparrer - we’ll have to see but it don’t look like it,” would reply the old geezer.

Crafty answer that covered all bases but you’d be none the wiser after it. But you’d still think something along the lines of “Good ol’ ‘arry” as he sped away probably throwing in a line to chuckle at.

Transfer deadline days eh. Not what they once were!

Talking of transfers, it seems they aren’t queuing up to relieve Joey Barton of his QPR purgatory.

He was headed for Chris Waddle’s old club Marseilles at one stage last week but that plug got pulled.

Joey can’t understand why no one is taking him. I imagine plenty of people could help him out with answers. Not all connected to the fact he’s serving a 12 week ban.