Dean Saunders won’t let wins paper over cracks and admits squad aren’t yet ‘spot on’

Dean Saunders.
Dean Saunders.
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Two wins on the bounce have not made Dean Saunders any more comfortable as Spireites boss, as he seeks to iron out the flaws in his squad.

Despite masterminding wins over then league leaders Walsall on Saturday and Southend on Tuesday, Saunders admitted he still wasn’t entirely happy but acknowledged that progress was being made at the Proact.

“As a manager you know, the more experience you get, when things aren’t quite right,” he said.

“Don’t be surprised if we lose a goal from this, don’t be surprised if we’re not as 100 per cent organised as Walsall who have been together three years. “When you’be got a new team they get little things wrong on the pitch that cost you goals, don’t be surprised. Be surprised when you’ve had them three years and it happens.

“But we’ve had some great performances. I know where we are as a team.

“We’re not spot on yet and we won’t be for a while. We’re making progress, I think everyone can see.”

The manager is not in any mood to let two victories distract him from improvements that need to be made.

“Strangely enough I don’t feel 100 per cent comfortable when we’re winning,” he revealed.

“You learn more when you’ve lost and sometimes winning can paper over the cracks that are still there.

“You just don’t go on about them as much when you’ve won.

“I look into it, and that’s why I have to put them right.”

Highlighting Tuesday’s comprehensive 3-0 home win over Southend as an example, Saunders said he’s working to tighten things up to stifle the opposition’s creativity.

“Without being negative I have to look into what happened Tuesday night.

“They had too many chances, for me.

“We won the game easily but they still had chances, I’m trying to put that right so teams don’t get as many chances against us.

“We’ve got the best goalkeeper in the league, but they shouldn’t get to him as much as they do.”

While the gaffer might be scrutinising games in depth, his players’ brief is relatively straight forward.

“The players are working hard and that’s all supporters want to see.

“They want to see the players working as hard as they would if they could get out on the pitch.

“All our supporters would like to play for Chesterfield if they could, and when they see players running around not trying their best that frustrates them more than anything.

“We say to them, the supporters will forgive you for everything, if you’re trying. If they can see you’re giving your all.

“When I sign them I say I’ll give you a contract, you just try. That’s a good deal isn’t it? You try and I’ll give you some money.”

But for all the Welshman’s attention to detail and desire to improve, he insists he’s not making life a misery around the ground during the week.

“You have to have a balance between being serious and being relaxed.

“No one wants to go into work with intensity every day but some days you’ve got to be intense and concentrate.

“Other days you can relax a bit, have a laugh and a joke.

“But when we’re on the training pitch doing the serious business we all concentrate.

“It’s the structure that costs you normally.”